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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How To Jailbreak Your iDevices Using UltraSnow ?

The Chronic Dev Team had simply free the jailbreak tool ‘UltraSnow‘ to the general public. It's able to give users An untethered jailbreak for pretty much all iDevices on iOS 5.1.1 . You need to be curious, however specifically does one jailbreak your iDevice mistreatment this tool? Here’s the correct place to go to. UltraSnow is extremely easy to use.

Do bear in mind to back your iDevice up before you perform any sort of jailbreak therefore on have a retreat if something goes wrong [not that you simply ought to expect any issues]. The Chronic Dev Team mentioned that to quicken the jailbreak method, restore your iDevice, Jailbreak it mistreatment ‘UltraSnow‘ and restore it from backup. If you’re fine therewith, follow these steps.

  • Download UltraSnow [Grab the newest file here]
  • Connect your iDevice to your laptop via USB.
  • Launch UltraSnow.
  • Click the ‘Jailbreak’ button.

Now build a cup of Coffee and it ought to be done before you come back to. You ought to notice Cydia contact your HomeScreen. You recognize what you ought to do – Launch it.


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