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Monday, October 29, 2012

Ultrasnow: Facebook iOS App

Without a doubt, Facebook remains the ruling champion within the battle of the Social Networking sites. With over 950 million active users round the globe and inserting 2nd on Alexa rankings for high websites (Just behind Google), Facebook is taken into account to be the most important on-line community. Nearly 400th of facebook users are either on Mobile or tablets, creating it safe to mention that the mobile business is the facto booming and what's to be the “next massive thing”.

But why is it that the Facebook iOS app remains thought of a awfully unhealthy user experience?

For all the iOS users United Nations agency has used or has been victimization the Facebook App can sure recognize what I’m talking regarding since the start of this text. If you’ve noticed within the U.S.A. iTunes store, the Facebook iOS app incorporates a terribly poor rating. the typical score is simply two stars, that clearly indicates that the majority customers aren’t terribly proud of the Facebook iOS app. which doesn’t confiscate the actual fact that there’s still 12,000+ folks that rated it with just one star, creating it look terribly terrible supported people’s feedback. Still, several are downloading and victimization the app systematically, however solely as a result of if you own An iPhone or An iPad, you have got no selection however to use Facebook iOS app.

So what makes this Facebook iOS app to be awfully criticized?

Here’s why:

1. The Facebook iOS app is slow, not solely slow however terribly slow.

2. Again, It's terribly slow, even slower than the Facebook Mobile web site. What’s fascinating is that the mobile web site offers an equivalent practicality because the Facebook iOS app, the sole edge the app offers to it’s users is that the Notifications.

3. Speaking of notifications, the Facebook iOS app notifications is extremely unreliable and inconsistent. Notifications says there’s a brand new message, or a brand new comment however once you click it, there’s really nothing.

4. There’s plenty of bugs and glitches. generally you’ll open your live feed and you get disorganized photos, unorganized posts, broken links, missing text boxes etc.

5. There’s still no sharing.

6. Links and Media files shared by friends can’t be accessed in this same app, and can airt you to a different web site.

7. The Facebook iOS app additionally incorporates a frightful method for loading external links through m.facebook.com/l.php, that finishes up being redirected to the particular universal resource locator however is extremely slow and infrequently fails to load. I’m certain Facebook will this for analytics, and doubtless some link security however its not terribly reliable and additionally breaks caching in alot of cases.

8. When you have poor signal strength, be it wi-fi, 3g or perhaps 4g Facebook iOS app or cool jailbreak apps can simply provide you with a cold-blooded response locution “No net affiliation. strive again” once they could’ve cached these informations therefore offline users will see past notifications.

Having aforesaid of these, All hope that Facebook doesn’t ignore the speedily increasing patronizers of their product via mobile and provides us all what we actually would like, a slick native Facebook iOS app.

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